Back To School Mini - At Home!

Hello, all!

Times are crazy right now, really crazy. 

We are each doing the best we can to try and plan for an unknown and seemingly impossible challenge of back to school. 

I'd like to offer some normalcy, fun and cuteness, which is the back to school sessions we all know and love.

This year will be a little different though, like everything else in 2020. This year, I will come to you!

Although "distanced" sessions do have their challenges, especially with  younger kids. I've figured out it is possible and even tested it out on my own kiddos for this example session. 

Instead of arranging kiddos or details myself, I will ask you the parent to fix little things so that I can maintain my distance, coach, cheer, and snap photos from six feet away. I will be wearing a mask as well. 

Now that we have those little details out of the way,  I'd like to answer some FAQ:

What should my kids wear?

 As you can see here, in the spirit of covid-19 and distance learning, my daughter wore a shower cap and robe as a joke. You can be silly and reflect what an unusual year this has been, or take this opportunity  to wear the cute first day of school outfit or uniform you would typically  wear!

What date and time?

 I will be offering these come-to-you mini sessions from August-September. I have weekday and weekend times available  currently. Please make a note of where you would like this session to take place, and what time of day there is some shade in that area. For younger children, it's important to note what time of day will work around their sleep or snack schedule. This will ensure the smoothest session possible. 

What will be written on the chalkboard?

You can handwrite something on the board yourself, or have me edit up to two sayings into the photos.

How long will it take to receive my digital images?

You are guaranteed  to receive a link to your digital images 7-10 days after your session. 

How can I purchase any additional images?

This mini session comes with 3 digital images and a print release. I will edit any additional images that turn out great, and add them to our gallery to preview. If you would like to purchase any of the additional images in your gallery,  they are $10 each. You can give me the image numbers, I will send you an invoice and then make those photos available to download and delete the rest. 

How do I book my mini?

Send me a message here. Ask me any questions you have and send me your preferred date and time. Half of your session fee ($50)  is required to reserve your date. 


Contact me here to BOOK NOW

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