Headshots In San Antonio

You may have noticed you don't often see headshots on my website while I have done them for time to time in the past, it's not my bread and butter! 

Mostly because, well, I thought they were boring. 

Run of the mill, glorified  mug shots (more or less).  Yes, I'll still admit that the standard a headshots can be a smidgen dull, but lately I've surprised myself with how much I love doing headshots. Granted, headshots with spice, personality! Headshots that feel almost like a branding session. Headshots that make you look and feel like YOUR(best)SELF.

It's no secret that just about everyone feels uncomfortable in front of the camera. I love that I can coach my clients through their session, from how to prepare, what to wear, and finally, how to pose! I enjoy the challenge  of helping you feel at ease in front of the lens, so you truly feel like yourself  in your photos. This is also why it's so important  for us to visit over the phone prior to your session, so we can make sure that we are the best fit for each other. 

Most of all, I LOVE hearing your stores and being a small part of it. I have been so inspired by the personal growth, new challenges, and amazing achievements I have heard about through getting to know you during your headshots session. I am so honored  that I can be a tiny part of helping you succeed. 

If you have to know more about a headshots session with me, drop me a note here! 



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