San Antonio Texas Photographer




First came love...

I fell in love with photography in my teen years.

My passion for the art grew  throughout film classes in college and many years of experience and self teaching. 

Then came marriage…

It was a classic, "girl working at pie shop in Houston falls in love with man working at music store next door" fairytale. He swept me off my feet and offered to take me to a place with less terrible traffic, and much smaller mosquitoes so we packed up and moved to San Antonio. I'm going on my tenth year in this city, and it's more home to me than my hometown ever was. I think the tacos are what sold me! 

Then came baby(s)…

Everything I thought I knew was changed, my heart tripled in size and my world was turned upside down. I became a mom. My passion for photography made more sense to me than ever before, there are so many precious and fleeting moments that I wanted to hold onto for forever.  

There is also a dog

(and a fish)

But they do very little to help with my business, so let's move on.


I'm in the business of capturing life stories and preserving memories. The "oooh and awww" moments when your heart is bursting with love, and the "AGH!" moments when your child decorated your couch with peanut butter.

I offer in home lifestyle sessions so that I can be a fly on the wall creating a photo diary of your golden days, on location styled shoots so that you can show off your highlight reel, and photo art sessions where I will work right alongside your child to bring their wildest fantasies and imagination to life.



 * Even though images that capture your child's personality will bring you immense happiness, having beautiful imagery of your children as they grow, may cause many tear - filled nostalgic moments later on*