I'm jumping in.

My bare feet were barely griping the slippery rail of the ship.  I looked down at the dark, choppy, waters far below. I knew I had to jump. I didn't know the why, but there was no other way. 

Do you ever lucid dream? I was not controlling this dream, but I was very conscious of my thoughts. I knew I  had to jump, and I was surprised that I had no fear. Somewhere in my mind, I knew it would all be ok. 

I looked back once more at the people behind me. Their eyes were wide with fear, and their expressions made it clear they did not have much hope for my survival. They could not help me, jumping was my only choice. The anticipation of something is what I fear the most.  I did not want to wait anymore, so I slipped off the rail and went tumbling down. The impact from slamming into the cold water forced my eyes shut, and I began to sink.  Suddenly, I was  near the bottom of the oceanIt was peaceful way below the surface of the storm above. I opened my eyes. There were four wooden pillars to my left, and I caught a glimpse of a mermaid tale, disappearing between two pillars and into the dark, murky, waters. 

I slowly started to rise back to the top of the ocean. It did not take as long as I thought it would before my face breached the surface and I drew in a deep breath. The sun was breaking through the clouds, and it's warm rays greeted me as I began to float on top of the now calm waters. I was fine.

Rarely do I have such vivid dreams. This one is as clear as a memory. It feels as though it was sent to me as a message, or a reminder. Recently, I have begun some new projects. I am taking my business in a new direction and working towards a life dream I have had for a long time. It is time consuming, and challenging. It means staying up till 4 a.m. working, even though I have already done so for the past week. My body has a strange way of dealing with excitement and anticipation. I am always nauseas and shaky when something big is happening in my life. All of these recent changes do feel a bit like diving into murky, violent, waters.  I may go under, but I will rise up and it will be ok. 

These days may be challenging, but they are a gift. Highly caffeinated coffee lost it's affect on me long ago, but the thrill of building a dream energizes me everyday.

Your future is in no ones hands but your own. What motivates you to get up everyday, and make your future a better one? 


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