ROCKETS OF AWESOME | Back to School Clothes Campaign Images

The lovely people  at Rockets of Awesome reached out to me to create a few  "mom life" style images for their back to school campaign! 

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As most of my clients know, I have my Mom Life series but also create a very different  type of imagery for my clients sessions. Truthfully, it's been awhile since we have done some Mom Life style images. What can I say? I haven't been caffeinated enough most days to want to destroy, photograph, and then clean up my house all over again....not to mention corralling the two year old in an image! In fact we have very few of these images with Jaxon in them. Sure enough, I did expend stupid amounts of energy while dancing around like a fool, trying to convince Lucy (the doggo), Mia (who was thrilled to be a MODEL) and Jaxon (who was paid in a steady stream of marshmallows) to get on board with and execute our vision. 

Rockets Of Awesome (how cool is their name?) is a clothing subscription box for kids. All of their clothing has super bold colors, rad designs, and details that make you feel like a rockstar. Personally, I have been eyeballing this sequin bomber jacket that they designed  with Channing Tatum.  It's just fun, the way clothes should be! It's all easy and extremely comfortable, with no-feel seams, and machine washable! Mom list? check and check. 

Honestly, having kids + pandemic, + life in general, I have ZERO percent interest in hauling my munchkins to a clothing store where they will most definitely  run amok. Having clothes delivered to my doorstep is the only way I am willing to do it.  You can keep what you. like, and send back the rest. Plus, you get a fun crafting opportunity with their super cool subscription box! 

I am really grateful that they found me on the interwerbs, and reached out to me. Not only were they easy and fun to work with, it sparked a desire in me to get back to create more of these images for myself, and for my clients who want to capture normal life with a bump of crazy and chaotic in it (which is also totally normal for most of us). 

Which images is your favorite? 

rockets of awesome campaign photographer

rockets of awesome back to school campaign photographer rockets of awesome clothing campaign anna angenend photography

rockets of awesome anna angenend photography

Mia loves to really get into the different expressions. She is the easiest model to work with, I have realized how lucky I am to have her in comparison to how ridiculous it is to get her brother to pose for me. 😂😅 rockets of awesome and anna angenend photography rockets of awesome kids clothing brand and anna angenend photography rockets of awesome clothing brand and anna angenend photography Rockets of awesome did pay me for these images, but all of my opinions about their company and awesome clothes are my own. 

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