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My MOST FAQ is "what do I wear?" This can trick people up wether it's just for yourself, or for 20 of your closest family members. Here are some tips that will help you look perfect no matter the occasion or group size.

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Avoid stripes:

There is a rumor that stripes are not slimming or flattering on people, and I beg to disagree BUT there is another reason why I always say to avoid stripes all together! Medium to small stripes, or a small plaid are always subject to digital distortion. I don't know exactly how to explain why it happens (there is a fascinating  article on it here) all that I know for sure if that it will make you look like your waving in and out of another dimension. I do not recommend this particular  activity for your photo session. 

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Busy patterns:

So no stripes, but what about other busy patterns? If you're a floral lover, or you want a classic flannel, or something with an array of bright colors...go for it! I just suggest that if you're in a group of people, only one or a few of you (depending on the group size) wear a busy pattern, because It's typically best to place someone in multi colors next to a solid shirt.  You can also bring a solid scarf, cardigan or sweater to tone down the busy pattern when you're standing in a group.

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Easy changes + accessories:

Speaking of scarfs or cardigans, they are great accessories  to quickly move through wardrobe  changes  for more variety during your session, and also help to spice up something  simple! Take it to the next level with quick  jewelry, or shoe changes and in current fashion you almost cant go wrong with a wide brimmed felt hat. But if that's not your style then...

Don't be too extreme:

A lot of people want to go all out for photos, and buy nice outfits that they have never worn before. There is nothing  wrong with this, and the results are often stunning! But There are times that people will later realize they love the outfit itself more than the way the love the way it looks on them, and then regret having their photos done in it! My suggestion? Plan your outfits around colors and cuts/styles that you know flatter your body, and that you feel confident in. Don't dress for some cute look seen on Pinterest, wear what feels the most like YOU. It will show in your photos when you feel comfortable and confident. 

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Base color + complimentary colors:

So that may all sound great, but where the heck do you start? Here is what I do. Pick a BASE color, like black, tan, or denim blue, and pick 3-5 complimentary colors to keep in your color scheme with that base color. Pick these colors based on:

  • what will blend well with your photo location
  • what colors you know flatter you
  • colors that will compliment  your home when the photos are displayed

For large family groups, it's not too over the top to pick some paint chips and send everybody the pallets so they can color  match when they're shopping for photo day. Don't expect them all to be perfect, but it helps create a baseline for everyone. 

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Evergreen style:

If you typically  only have photos  done once a year, or even less often then that, then I suggest wearing something  that can be used in photos  year round, and is’n't too seasonal..i.e., maybe don't wear a pumpkin dress or candy cane pajamas... this way you can get more mileage out of your photos, displaying them in your home or using them in social media post. Jewel tones, neutrals, or black  and white are pretty evergreen and right now they're also trendy, and I think they look good on anyone! 

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Match the location or the occasion:

If you'r still feeling overwhelmed, take cues from the location you have picked. Go on Pinterest  and search "country photo session" or "city family photos" and get inspiration form what you see there! 

If all else fails, throw this all out the window and just have  some freaking fun with it. If you ave little kids that are particular about what they wear, or they are obsessed with a particular  set of rain-boots, or a Christmas  sweater...what the heck? It may not be super * aesthetic * but it will capture a really special  memory for you all, so if they insist on wearing what they want for picture day, don't let that  get you down! Embrace the special memories ❤️

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Next up, how to pick the perfect location...

What other questions would you like me to answer  about your photo sessions? Leave me a question in the comments, and I'll get you the best answer I can find! 

Thanks for reading. 


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