The Photographers Kids | Tips For Getting Your Family Ready For Photos

Are there stereotypes about photographers kids?

I feel like mine are constantly in photo, but rarely family photos and never the "normal" photos like first day of school, or kinder graduation...maybe that's because we homeschool.  Whatever the case, getting kids out the door for ANYTHING is like a friggin circus, that takes time and practice! Getting kids out the door perfectly pressed and happy to take photos....not always a fun time. 

Here are five super simple things I do when I want to set my kids up for success for whatever photo session I have dreamed up for them.

p.s. this quick session was meant to be bluebonnet photos, which I had already taken a month earlier this time in 2020, but when we got to my favorite wildflower spot, it was practically naked. 😭 That darn Texas snow storm!

We snapped a few quick shots anyway, with some flowers I had brought with us. I'm sure we will return back soon for another session, my kids will be thrilled wont they. 😂




how to get kids ready for a photo shoot






  • Get yourself ready way ahead of time: 

Now you are ready and able to help get the rest of the family out the door, and you can sip your coffee and take your time getting ready without feeling rushed. In an ideal world, anyway! If you have messy babies or toddlers, maybe wait until the last minute to change clothes, but otherwise... BE READY. 

  • Lay out outfits for kids the day before

This way you can see how everything looks together and make sure you have it all covered down to the socks and earrings. Also, if your kids are picky like mine, they want to have a say in what they wear, so showing them ahead of time what I have planned (or letting them help plan it) means less struggle and protest when it's time to get dressed. I don't dress my 2 y.o. until we are actually about to start taking photos. Kids can find a billion ways to mess up an outfit in a car. 

  • Feed the lil' monsters

Joking, but also so serious. Hunger meltdowns are the fastest way to make a photoshoot stressful. Feed yourself , and get the family some snacks!

If you can pop a nap in with that snack, you're totally golden.  

  • What to bring with you

Wipes for snotty noses, mouths with snacks on them, or spills on outfits. Water and's just always safest to have these things with you, let's be honest. A "surprise" for after the photos, like a cookie! Possibly one of your kids favorite toys. I like to capture this part of their different stages during childhood, and they are typically  happier when they have their comfort item with them. 

  • Include them in the planning

Let them know that this session will be a fun family outing, they are going to meet someone new, or see an old friend...depending on your photographer. Talk about where you're going to go, and what will be expected of them. They can even practice making faces in the mirror, or think of a  fun pose they want to try. 












how to take photos of your kids how to get your kids ready for photoshoot


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