Meagan + Harold | Romantic Photo Session | Botanical Gardens

couples posing san antonio texas

Fresh Spring blossoms at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, and young love.  What could be sweeter?

Harold said "I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I went for a suit".

Guys, ALWAYS go for the suit. You cannot fail. I love the formality and class both of their looks brought to their session. Honestly, I cannot recall the last time I had a session with someone wearing a suit! Megans gorgeous makeup look was done by the very talented Cynthia Barber makeup artist in San Antonio, TX. I highly recommend her talents to anyone who wants to get glammed before their photo session. 

I am convinced that absolutely everyone thinks they don't photograph well, or feels uncomfortable in front of the camera. Even this gorgeous couple was worried they would be awkward. The most consistent thing I hear leading up to a photo session is "we're awkward! We don't get photos taken often".  Believe me, I absolutely understand how you feel. I too, have had many uncomfortable  "deer in headlights" moments in front of a camera, and was left feeling like I could barely recognize myself in the photos.  It has become one of my top priorities to make your session breeze by quickly and to make it where you're having so much fun, your forget that you are even having your photos taken! Truly, your photo session with me will feel like a fun family outing or a date night activity, AND you get a lasting keepsake from it. 

It's so rewarding to hear "wow, that was so easy!" at the end of all my sessions. 

The thing is, YOU are not supposed to know what to do, so you don't have to even think about it! I will give you fun prompts and things to do during your session, that will lead to fun and genuine moments like those ones I captured here. I promise you, your next photo session can be fun and painless, give me a chance to show you! 

Just come ready to have fun. 

Secondly, after the fun of your session, and all the planning leading up to it, I know how hard it is to wait to see the results. Which is why I prioritize getting your images to you as quickly as possible. I always request that you give me 5-7 business days, but rarely do I need that much time. Most of my clients will have their full gallery within 24-48 hours.  satx photographer couples session Thank you so much for spending your afternoon with me Megan & Harold. I hope you treasure these photos for the rest of your lives, and one day your great grandkids will look at these and think "dang, I had some cute as heck great grandparents!" haha I Look forward to capturing more special moments in your lives. 


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