Why Are People Still Hiring Photographers | Maternity Session In San Antonio, Texas

Why is anyone still paying for professional photography these days?

Let's be honest for a minute, you have probably asked yourself this questions recently, haven't you?

(Or, maybe your spouse has asked you this questions when you were planning your annual family portraits.)

Quite frankly, I have asked myself this question too. I have been doing photography  for 12 years now. Twelve years ago... not everyone had a great camera on hand at any given moment. Cell phone cameras are continually improving, and they're already pretty great. I would know, I use mine multiple times a day to photograph my kids. Then there is the fact that anyone can easily access  the same editing software and apps that I use for my images, so it might beg  the questions, am I being put out of a job? In short, my answer is: NO.

I am not worried about it in the least, and here's why:

Yes, cell phones can take really good pictures of your kids day in and day out, in fact, I teach moms how to take great photos of their kids in Facebook group

 (*and my new course come soon. !)

But the value of photography goes so far beyond a good photo. What is photography truly about? It's about moments and memories. It's about having someone who you are comfortable with, creating a time capsule of your life. Preserving all the little details that you are so certain you will remember in 5, 10, 20, years, but they slip from our memories so quickly until we have a photograph to bring it back like that moment was just yesterday. 

It's about capturing your little ones pudgy hand clasping your blouse, squishing your face. It's about the way your kids look at you with adoring eyes, the way your husband smiles while watching you play with your children.

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The way you relax into your husbands arms, he pulls you in a little tighter and you smile. It's about being in that moment, and trusting someone else to preserve your most precious emotions and memories in beautiful  images. 

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It's about having photos of our loved ones who have passed on already, but we can stare at their smile in their photos, sit with our children and tell them all about the amazing person they were. 

It's about having images that tell your love story, the story of your family, the story of the best days of your lives. 

I spend time visiting with all my clients prior to your session, so that I can get to know you and your story well,  and do my best telling it. For a change, you can put down the camera momma, and be in the moment. Leave it to me to capture all your favorite parts of life. 

motherhood photography in san antonio texas motherhood moments san antonio photography san antonio family portraits san antonio family photography lifestyle natural light photographer  I take pride in helping my clients feel relaxed and natural while I am in your home, or on location with your family, so that you are comfortable to be yourself in front of the lens.  During over more than a decade of working with people, I have learned how to help you feel at ease during your session, and how to encourage precious moments to occur naturally, and how to expertly capture it.

Does your cell phone do that?

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If your interested in planning a session like this one, I would love to get to know you! Hit the button to begin chatting. 




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