One Year Birthday Session

Six years ago, I was at the park with a new friend I had met in the new city I was living in, San Antonio. We had met at a mommy and me gymnastics class. It was the perfect fall day to be at the playground, and our two little girls were enjoying the breeze while we pushed them in the swings.  My friend told me a story of a women she observed at the grocery store, doing her weekly shopping with her four children in tow. One in the cart, one on her hips, two tagging along. "I want that one day" my friend said to me. 

There is a lot of things that happened  between then and now, countless playdates, pregnancy announcements, moves, births, celebrations, milestones, many photo shoots. But I will skip ahead to yesterday, when I was in her living room taking her fourth child one year photos and thinking of how quickly the past five years has flown by, and what a beautiful family she has grown in that time. What an honor it has been to be her friend, and to photograph so many of her exciting milestones along the way. Lua, you are a blessed little girl to be in this family. I hope for many more photo shoots together, celebrating happy occasions and big milestones. 


Siblings make the sweetest little photos shoot crashers. 

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