Coffe Table Makeover

Furniture with a story is the best, isn't it? This table has been around for a while, but you would never know it. After it's close brush with death (a trip to the dumpster) and then years of hiding under shoes in the back of my closet, it really hasn't had a chance to shine. Awww, poor table! The good news is, the hiding days are over now. I dragged it out of retirement and spruced it up! Today, it is one of my favorite and most functional pieces of furniture!

I'll be honest, this was not a "quick" fixer upper DIY.  I could sing chalk paints praises all day long, which is what I painted the body of the table with. Wood stain, one the other hand, is what I consider the "toddler" of paints. Ornery!  I do LOVE the results though! It simply requires some extra patience and loving. Aka, lot's of drying time, a good place to dry, and the right brushes. 


You will need:

  • Measuring tape - I am being caption obvious here, but you will have to take measurements before heading out and cutting wood for your new table top!
  • Hammer - a heavy duty one, nailing that thick oak down was a workout!
  • Ultra fine sandpaper - I recommend safety glasses, and mask too when using sand paper. Safety first!
  • Chalk Paint -I LOVE this one!
  • Wax - to condition, seal and protect your chalk paint.
  • Woodstain - I used Black Cherry, ooh la la!
  • Sealant- to seal, protect, and finish off the stain. 
  • Nails
  • Oak wood panels - or whichever wood you prefer! I liked this one because it was so pretty and smooth. 

Recommended Brushes:

  • Slanted staining brush
  • Wax brush
  • Fine paint brush

(both of these can be washed with warm, soapy, water after using chalk paint or wax)

  • Paint thinner - to clean your brush after staining. 

Optional: New knobs for drawers


First things first: Plan out your project.  Where will you display it, how will you use it, what type of wood and paint will work best to first your needs?! Secondly, measure your table, then load up and head to Home Depot (will Home Depot and Hobby Lobby just get married, already?!).

 Once you're there, pick out your new table top! I purchased the cheapest oak I could find, because a) It was pretty smooth and b) I am not rich. You guys aren't going to believe this, but I have never purchased wood before. Thankfully, the guys at Home Depot offer excellent customer service, so I handed over my choice wood and some measurements then ran off to shop nails, stains, and brushes! Bonus cupid tip: Take your single friend with you, and leaver her to talk it up with the bearded, buff, wood cutting, dude. You're welcome, single ladies! 


I know this Varathane stain talks a good game with its "achieve color in one coat" and all, but to get a nice, even, coat, I layered it on four times. Each coat dried for about 24 hours.  I let the final coat dry for a couple of days before I added the sealant, and then I let that sealant dry for several more days before assembling the table. Also, if you don't have quality brushed already, invest in them! As long as you wash and dry it properly, it will last a long time and they really do make a difference. 


Ok you guys….I have been dying to tell you this. Chalk paint (not to be confused with chalkboard paint), is AMAZING!! It requires no priming other than cleaning off the surface you are going to paint. I'd like to refer to it as "the butter of paints". It goes on so smooth, and just melts into the wood. I used the art deco brand, but Annie Sloan is a great brand as well. The chalk pain dries incredibly fast, and there are almost no fume. I painted this right inside my dining room! All it took was two coats, which both dried within 30 minutes. Once the paint dried, I applied a matte wax, to protect and seal the paint. Again, invest in the right brushed. I purchased a wax brush at Home Depot, and it worked beautifully. There is gloss, matte, and darkening wax. The darkening wax will change the hue of your paint so make sure and do a test spot before you paint the whole thing!


Last of all, the most fun part! Picking out new knobs at Hobby Lobby. The only thing hard about this, was narrowing down all the wonderful options.

You can use a wood putty to hide the tops of the nails on the table, but I love this rustic, exposed nail, look! 

Table make over total: $85

It sounds like a lot, but this is coming from someone who had to buy all the brushes, nails, stain, and knobs. If you already have those items, the paint does not cost much at all and the wood was about $38.

I learned a lot, and did a lot of youtube searches during this project. If you have any questions before starting your make-over, please leave it in the comments and I'll get back to you!  Show me your projects in the comments too! 






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