Branding Session Planning & Must Haves | FREE PDF

Social media + photography go together like cake and icing. 

Most everyone is representing  some form of their own brand now, whether that brand is themselves (influencers) or their small business. 

A good branding session  can make your life easier by arming with you with months worth of great content for easing posting, continuity  between your website, business cards, social media & other marketing materials. Help raise brand awareness, and help you connect with your ideal clients. 

However, it is crucial to get ultra specific on your brand design, and your mission for your photo session to make the time you have with your photographer (if you're in San Antonio, Texas hopefully thats me!)  the most beneficial for your business. 

Aside from my tips for any portrait session: i.e. sleep well, stay hydrated, wear what you feel confident in, hire a hair + makeup artist. Here are my go-to's for helping my clients plan out the best branding session! 

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branding session must haves

have your logo and colors for your brand

Let's start with the basics, choose your color palette and incorporate your logo, or logo colors, throughout your session when you can. Remember, you want to make an impression  with your audience. Being repetitive is good for brand awareness. Having a color palette is essential for brand continuity from your cards, to your website, and social media. This includes the overall edit of your images, if you have a curated Instagram feed that you want to stay in theme with. Most photographers, myself included, have it in their contract you do not add filters or edits to your retouched images, so make sure they can match your brand style if that's something you desire. 

clear mission and verbiage

You cannot sell ANYTHING if you do not know what you're selling, and if you do not make your offer abundantly  clear to your audience. Define what it is that you're offer, and how you are going to portray this in your images. An exercise I have my clients do is thinking of 5 adjectives or verbs that define their brand like a color palette, but with words. hahaha define your audience

Okay, so you have a pretty package and a good offer but WHO are you giving the offer too? You need to understand as much as you can about your ideal client, so you can make sure that your images move them and speak to them. What's relatable to them? Funny to them? What solution to a problem can you offer them? My PDF has more questions to help you discover a clear target audience.  have an inspiration board and shot list

If you have done all that work, good for you! You are making sure that you get the most out of your branding session. Now, to maximize your results with the time you have during your session, work with your photographer on a vision board (shares images that make you fell like the BOSS that you are) and have a shot list ready to go on shoot day, so nothing is overlooked or forgotten. If you want to take this to the next level, plan out specific post you want to have to engage  with your audience, and create an image for that post.  My goal as your photographer is always to capture as much high quality images as I possibly can give you in your session, so you have tons of great content to use again and again. 


shot list

Lastly, a quick short list of what you should have loaded in your car, or at your office to be ready for your photographer. Get ready EARLY so you have all of the time with your photographer to  take amazing images. 

Do you know an amazing small business owner? Send this to them so they can use these tips to get the most out of their branding session. 

Grab your free PDF here loaded with prompts to help you define your audience, and plan out every detail for the most successful branding photo session!

Have you been thinking about a branding session for yourself, but you're nervous about where to start? I understand how much  your image (literally) means to you, and I am excellent at helping you put your best face forward for your personal brand. Let's talk about how together, we can create the most impactful branding session for you!



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