Beach or Bust

sunrise beach photos in corpus christi

dramatic family portraits on the beach

Ah, can you taste it? The warm salty wind in your face. The sun beaming down on your shoulders. All of nature is refreshing and soothing to me, but the beach is a special kind of therapy for the soul. I typically don't love the heat of the Summer, but I do look forward to the Summer time for the sake of a few days at the beach. This year was extra special, as it was my youngest first visit to the beach. Experiencing these happy first together are some of the best moments of parenthood, and there are a lot of good ones! 

The first day we woke up at the beach, the kids couldn't wait to get down to the water. I intended on taking them for a quick stroll while we waited for breakfast, but when we were out in our pajamas at about 8:30, I noticed how few people were on the beach and how cloudy it was...which of course makes for a gorgeous dramatic sky in the photos! I also wanted to capture the FIRST moment Jaxon stuck his feet in the sand, and experienced the waves. So we rushed back to our room, they got dressed as quickly as I could motivate them too, and we ran back down to the beach with my camera. I'm glad I seized the moment even if it did hurt my legs a bit, haha I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life. 

family portraits on the beach

emotional storytelling photos candid lifestyle beach photography stormy day beach photography

  • These were shot with:
  •  Canon 5D Mark IV
  • 35mm lens
  • Edited in light room with a sprinkle of photoshop to remove people, buildings or umbrellas in the background.

I'm building a course for those of you who have asked about photography and editing. I'm wondering which part you are most curious about? Let me know in the comments what questions you have, and drop me your e-mail if you want to stay updated on when the course will be out!

You may even be selected to trial it for free. 

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